µTanks, also known as uTanks or Microtanks is a free-to-play online tank battle game featuring massive-scale multiplayer battles and fast-paced turn-based strategy.


In uTanks you select one of four various tank colors. This will be your team. If you select another color, your rank will be reset making you become very loyal to your specific team. The gameplay in general consists of traversing a large battlefield in your tank, collecting various upgrades, keeping your fuel level up, placing mines, and destroying the opposing team. The game runs perpetually, with battles constantly occurring on open battlefield. There are no "matches" or "games", simply battles happening on a battlefield. War never changes.

The Basics

Factions- There are four factions in uTanks, each represented by a different color: red, blue, orange and purple. Each faction fights against the other three for higher rank and higher positions on the leaderboards.

Fuel- This is the equivalent of health in uTanks. It is also used for use of basic functions such as shooting, planting mines, and teleporting. Fuel can be found by radaring the area. If you run out of fuel during a battle your tank will be destroyed and you will respawn somewhere else on the map.

Equipment- During the course of the game you'll come across various equipment. By picking up this equipment you receive either a new type of weapon or more uses for your radar mechanism. This can be found in boxes on the field by radaring.

General Equipment Capacity- Often abbreviated GEC, maximum carrying capacity for equipment.

Promotion Points- Often abbreviated PP, accumulated by attacking and deactivating enemy tanks. PP is required to rank up and to climb the leaderboard. The more PP you accumulate, the higher your ranking on the leaderboards will be.

Map- The map allows you to view the position of enemy tanks and fuel barrels of 500 or higher. Clicking on the map teleports you to the coordinates clicked location.

Mines- Mines are used to prevent an enemy from moving or teleporting to an area, such as fuel barrel or equipment locations. Enemy tanks may not teleport onto mines, and attempting to drive over mines will halt the enemy tank and cause damage to it. They will not hurt tanks of the same color, however. If the mines are of a different color they will be hidden unless revealed by radar. After being revealed, they can be destroyed by shooting with a standard shot.

Radar- The radar is used to discover new fuel barrels, equipment, and enemy mines.


Armor Shield- Nullifies damage of one enemy shot

Dual Shot- Fires two shots at once, inflicting double the damage

Missile Shot- Capable of firing over mountains and rocks, 1.5x normal damage

Homing Missile- Locks on to the enemy and follows them to their next position

Extra Radar- Boosts normal radar to include the entire viewport

Target Beacon- Indicates the position of the targeted enemy on the map


RankPPRequired DeactivationEquipment CapacityTarget Beacon
Brig. General20000Brig. General604

*PP and Deactivation requirements refer to promotion eligibility (ranking up).


Single Star- Achieve the rank of Captain

Two Star- Achieve the rank of Major

Three Star- Achieve the rank of Colonel

Four Star- Achieve the rank of Brigadier General

Five Star- Achieve the rank of General

Bronze Bullet- Deactivate 100 enemy tanks

Silver Bullet- Deactivate 200 enemy tanks

Gold Bullet- Deactivate 500 enemy tanks

Onyx Bullet- Deactivate 1000 enemy tanks

Single Skull- Experience 20 deactivations

Double Skull- Experience 50 deactivations

Triple Skull- Experience 100 deactivations

Agauos's Skull- Experience 200 deactivations

Shining Sword- Play for 100 hours in one map

Battered Sword- Play for 200 hours in one map

Broken Sword- Play for 500 hours in one map

Rusty Sword- Play for 1000 hours in one map

Bronze Cup- Place third in a tournament

Silver Cup- Place second in a tournament

Gold Cup- Place first in a tournament

*Plating- Added to cup of highest ever placing with an additional top three placing in a tournament (bronze, silver, gold, onyx)

Exterminator Award- Awarded for testing during uTanks Alpha and Beta

Cartographer Award- Awarded for designing a map that is selected for play in uTanks

War Correspondent- Awarded for special field correspondence and reporting for uTanks social media platforms

Purple Heart- Awarded for winning an official uTanks creative design contest


The game client is free to download and free to play. You can download the client and play the game at www.utanks.com.