Mission: Impossible - Operation Surma

It's not mission difficult, it's Mission: Impossible.

This game takes place between the events of Mission:Impossible 2 and 3.  It follows the story of super spy Ethan Hunt as he tries to defuse the hostile situation in the former Soviet state of Yugaria. Ethan must confront Simon Algo who runs an international corperation known as SURMA. Simon Algo is in possession of a computer Virus known as ICE WORM.  It is able to infiltrate computers of any government in the world and hack into the most restricted databases.  Ethan is not alone is his fight against digital terrorism as he has Luther Stickell as his point man as well as several other IMF agents; including Jasmine Curry, Lewis Spelvin and Pilot Billy Bard.

Through out the course of the game Ethan will travel to exotic locales from Yugaria to an African desert prison to remote research facilities in the western United States.  The mission Ethan embarks upon relies heavily upon stealth as well as high tech gadgetry and espionage.